Isabel Del La Torre


Justice for Isabel Del La Torre

On March 26, 2022, Isabel Del La Torre appeared to be nonresponsive in her sleep. Isabel’s domestic partner, Sonia Miranda, grew concerned for her health and did what every American is taught to do when in crisis; dial 9-1-1. As Sonia was on the call requesting medical services, Sonia realized it was a false alarm as Isabel woke up and indicated she was feeling fine. Sonia relieved disconnected the call as emergency medical services were no longer needed.

The Clovis Police Department showed up anyways at Sonia’s apartment. Isabel informed the Clovis Police that their services were not needed. They demanded that Isabel exit the apartment. Frustratingly, it was not the Fire Department or an Ambulance that showed up, because if so, Isabel would still be alive today. Instead of providing medical assistance, the Clovis Police kicked their way into the apartment and released a K-9 dog to bite Isabel into submission and drag her to the floor. Thereafter, Clovis Police Officers charged at Isabel and piled on top of her. Isabel tragically took her final breathe buried under a pile of armed Clovis Police Officers. She could not breathe.

She leaves behind a grieving De La Torre family and a mourning community. Isabel’s father, Juan De La Torre should not have to bury his youngest daughter. Nationwide millions of Americans have taken to the streets under the hashtag #ICantBreathe. Legislation was introduced at the federal level so we as a country would never have to hear the words, “I can’t Breathe” uttered ever again by a human laying under a badge and uniform. Painfully, we are once again in tears, but we cannot remain silent. We must come together as a community and demand the Clovis Police Department release all videos they have in their possession pertaining to Isabel’s death. We must demand legislative changes to ensure medical welfare checks do not turn into death sentences. Do not allow her death to be in vain. If you have been a victim of police brutality please contact the family attorneys by emailing them at:




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